What is a good home cleaning schedule

Home Maintenance 101: How to Create a Master Cleaning Routine

When it comes to home upkeep, everyone has a different routine. But no matter what you do, if there’s dirt and clutter, the only way to address it is to come up with a better maintenance plan.

So how do you begin? What should be your first priority? And just as importantly, how can you stick with it until your home looks nothing short of immaculate. With the following list of easy and effective weekly and daily chores, you’ll ensure things stay in order, without too much effort on your part. 

However, if climbing a mountain full of dinner dishes and dirty laundry is too much for your busy schedule, you can always reach out to a reliable house cleaning company in Troy, OH, to jump in. Read on and learn more!

What is a good home cleaning schedule?

Creating a master schedule might be the best house cleaning hack to use for those looking to save time and energy. It will help you maintain your home on autopilot, without too much thinking required. 

Mapping out the maintenance plan in a timely fashion will make the entire process much easier. Simply break down the standard tasks into smaller sections, gather the right supplies, and work your way through:

Daily chores

These are the most frequent tasks that help you stay on top of the clutter on an everyday basis. Although they can vary depending on your individual needs, daily household chores typically include:

  • Doing dishes
  • Putting items back where they belong
  • Wiping down countertops
  • Sweeping kitchen floors
  • Taking out the garbage

If there’s clutter everywhere, chances are that you have fallen into the bad habit of just delaying these jobs until they pile up.

Weekly chores 

The most efficient way to prevent your home from getting too messy and avoiding hours of drudgery is to assign each challenging chore a specific day of the week. For instance, if Saturday is laundry day, set aside a few hours for sorting, washing, and folding. 

Here are other examples of weekly duties you want to consider so you can make a routine that works for you: 

  • General dusting
  • Doing Laundry 
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Scrubbing sinks
  • Disinfecting tubs/showers and toilet

If you have other time-consuming chores on your list, do those first so you can check them off the list early in the afternoon. This will allow plenty of time to contemplate what needs to be done next.

Seasonal chores

Last but not least, there are also seasonal to-dos if you want your house in tip-top shape. Although these are tackled once or twice a year and then forgotten, keep in mind they’re equally vital to regular home upkeep:

  • Decluttering
  • Sorting out your wardrobe
  • Clean faucets and drains
  • Sanitizing appliances
  • Washing windows and wiping down window sills
  • Vacuum window screens
  • Removing tile grout
  • Vacuuming and flipping your mattress

Where can I find a reliable cleaning company in Troy, OH?

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