best order to clean your house

Cleaning Your House in This Order Will Get You the Best Results

Taking care of your home is a never-ending job. Whether you like it or not, doing it on a daily basis is inevitable. Of course, for a deeper, more comprehensive clean, you can always count on a house cleaning service in Springboro, OH. However, doing it by yourself or with the help of your family can be exhausting if you don’t plan it right or distribute the chores equally.

So, is there the best order in which you can do it? There are certainly no strict rules as each house and its residents have different needs, however, we will break down some general steps that will make keeping up your home easier. Read on to find out.

What is the best order to clean your house?

Keep in mind that every home is different and requires unique care, however, there is an order in which almost any home will be squeaky clean in no time. If you follow these recommendations, you can be sure that you’ll perform a thorough clean that won’t take too much of your valuable time. You can use the rest of the day and relax at Cox Arboretum MetroPark.

  1. Start with the chemicals

Before you start dusting and mopping, soak up the most stubborn stains, grease, grout, or anything similar. This will allow the solution to work its way into the dirt, which needs a bit of time. While that is happening, you can start on other parts of your home and then come back and simply scrub the soaked surfaces. 

  1. Declutter

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff is not only satisfying but it’s a crucial part of keeping up your home neat and tidy. Excess stuff can get in your way and distract you, make you slower, or have you jumping from one thing to another. Removing it will make the process more efficient and quick.

  1. Clean from top to bottom

Now that hard stains are soaked, clutter is out of your way – start cleaning like you usually do, but from top to bottom. This way you won’t be all over the place and the dirt that falls onto the floor while you work on the higher shelves, cabinets, and curtains, will be cleaned at the end. It’s a very practical method that will help you save time.

  1. Prioritize the kitchen and the bathroom

The bathroom and kitchen are usually the places that accumulate the most dirt, so you should start there. Those rooms require the most time and energy since they tend to be wet and prone to mold

  1. Store cleaning supplies properly

Once you’re done, don’t forget to wash your tools and store them properly. This will prevent them from developing bacteria and an odor. Put everything away in its place so it’s ready for the next use. See if you have all the cleaning supplies you need. It will save you time in advance. 

What is the best house cleaning service in Springboro, OH?

If you struggle to get motivated to clean, and can’t get much help around the house, don’t worry. Pink Power Cleaning is a reputable service that offers everything you need in order to keep your house neat and tidy. We have the necessary experience and the know-how to accommodate any service you require. Whatever your needs may be, you won’t have to spend hours on drudgery and worry about scrubbing, vacuuming, and mopping. 

See for yourself why we’re the number one service in this field. Whether you live in Springboro, or anywhere else in the Ohio area, make sure to contact us today and schedule your cleaning, or simply get the info you need.

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