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Our Highly optimized approach leaves nothing to chance

As the leading commercial and residential cleaning company in Dayton, Troy, and other Ohio communities, we provide advanced disinfection services. To ensure your proper hygiene and safety of your commercial or residential property, we employ a 3-step process that delivers maximum value and long-term results.
Inspect microbial hotspots and create an effective game plan for pathogen removal.
Sanitize surfaces with EPA-approved, 99.999% effective hospital-grade disinfectants.
Protect all surfaces with EPA-registered technology, effective for up to 90 days.

What to expect from our disinfection service

We utilize cutting-edge technologies to inspect, disinfect, and protect against the accumulation and cross-contamination of microbial pathogens. Our goal is to reduce germs, odors, mold, mildew, and other surface contaminants, and create healthier work and living environments. We achieve this through precision cleaning and performing electrostatic spraying. We also use the EPA-registered SmartShield disinfectant and proprietary antimicrobial coating product, which remains and protects surfaces for 90-days.

How your business can benefit from our service

As a business owner or commercial property manager, you’re responsible for providing your staff and clients with sanitary, well-kept premises. This not only ensures your workspace complies with Ohio’s health and safety codes, but also reduces absenteeism due to illness, helps attract top talent, and leaves a positive impression on customers and investors. Our expert-level commercial disinfection service is available to mid-size and large offices, restaurants, industrial facilities, and other commercial facilities in Dayton, Troy, and the surrounding Ohio areas.

Set up your surface protectant plan & ensure high safety levels

Ensure a safe & healthy living environment with our help

Our disinfection service is also available to residential properties in Troy, Dayton, and the surrounding cities. With our professional assistance and specialized service, you can keep your home clean and free of harmful pathogens and parasites. Additionally, by booking our residential disinfection service, you can have both a sanitary home and more free time to focus on the things that truly matter.

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*   We utilize cutting edge technologies to Inspect, Disinfect, and Protect against the accumulation and cross-contamination of microbial pathogens.

*   Our goal is to reduce surface contaminants, germs, odors, mold, mildew and create Healthier Environments.

*   We achive this through precision cleaning utilizing electrostatic spraying and Disinfectant and Proprietary antimicrobial coating product, SmartShield which remains and protects surfaces for 90-days, EPA Registered. 

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