Your First Cleaning Session: What to Expect

Your First Cleaning Session: What to Expect

Managing chores around your household, while your schedule is already packed with other commitments is a completely avoidable hassle. Sure, you can know all the right techniques and know just the right products, but there are only so many hours in the day. Due to the numerous benefits, many homeowners decide to spend their money on professional home maintenance.  

However, you might have some unfavorable expectations which make you reluctant to hire a maid service for your house or apartment in Dayton. Perhaps you don’t know what it entails, or you’re afraid that you’d put your property at risk. To have your mind at ease, read on before you decide to book your appointment.

What should I expect from a maid service?

Let’s assume that you’ve booked your service with a company that boasts favorable reviews. Alternatively, they were referred by a close friend, colleague, or family member. You may base your expectations solely on what you’ve heard, but there are some universal elements of the process. Besides the many advantages of hiring professionals to do your chores, here’s what you can look forward to:

They use standardized procedures

What should I expect from a maid service?

For improved efficiency and detail, professionals go through standard clean-up checklists. These lists can vary from one company to another, but will typically involve the following tasks: 

  • Mopping floors throughout the house
  • Vacuuming floors and carpets
  • Sanitizing sinks and showers
  • Thorough kitchen and bathroom maintenance
  • Dusting surfaces, light fixtures, and baseboards

The main purpose of the checklist is to tackle all essential parts of your house until completion. A well-organized checklist can make the process feel effortless and streamlined. This is what sets apart established professionals from unreliable providers.

Not everything is included

Some tasks are offered as add-ons or a different type of assistance. However, you should know that there are areas that your maid will not tackle. Examples include dirty dishes, leftovers, or clutter around the house. If not otherwise stated, specialists won’t be able to sort out the mess or know where to leave your clothes or documents. So, it’s your responsibility to tidy up before they arrive and allow them to conduct all tasks without interruptions. 

They are reliable

Successful providers aim to keep your trust. They do so by employing and sending out the most trustworthy people. They know the value of first impressions and will strive to win you over. Most importantly, they continue monitoring the performance of their employees. This is also achieved through satisfaction guarantee policies, which make a big difference. In case anything is below your expectations, you should call them again and the issue will be fixed.

They are flexible

Should you have any additional requirements and requests, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk with your maid. They will usually find a way to adapt to the specific needs of your household. For example, you can ask them to take care of parts of your furniture, or fragile items. Also, they are usually willing to work around pets and children. Most importantly, they can make sure that you enjoy your home after everything is squeaky clean. 

Where can I find a reputable maid service in Dayton, OH? 

Where can I find a reputable maid service in Dayton, OH? 

Finding a team that is capable to perform residential maintenance on a professional level isn’t always easy. However, when you live in Dunbar Historic District or in other neighborhoods of Dayton, a crew of seasoned and trustworthy experts is just around the corner. 

Here at Pink Power we have everything you need to keep your home in pristine condition. You can count on our staff for one-time or ongoing maintenance, a seasonal deep clean, and a variety of other tasks. We carry out our duties with great care and precision while using sophisticated equipment and effective products. We uphold all CDC standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19

To check what else we have to offer, give us a call and receive a free and honest estimate!

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